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Driving Lessons

Driving Lessons
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Fast-track Your Automatic Driving Lessons At Our Driving School Under the Guidance of a DVSA-Registered Driving Instructor

You must be wondering why you should be looking to avail of our Driving lesson. Basically, we are one such driving school in Wolverhampton, Birmingham for automatic lessons which not only promise to teach you driving in the simplest of ways, but we also deliver it.

We offer driving lessons by fully qualified instructors who are patient, friendly, and professional, and they will soon put you at ease, and you will soon be driving confidently and safely for life.. our instructors endeavour to ensure your driving lessons are sound investment not just for your driving test but for a lifetime of driving.

Intensive Driving Lessons

Now Pass Driving School offers intensive driving courses for automatic lessons which are designed to increase the ability to learn the driving process more efficiently. These can be done anytime you require, with the practical test, anytime it is available according to your needs & necessity.

Is It Necessary To Take Automatic Driving Lessons?

Maybe you belong to a congested urban area, then using an automatic car is more convenient. The stop-start nature of having to drive in high-traffic areas means the gear has to be constantly changed. At best of times, it could be a pain. So, think about it when you are first starting to learn and get used to car driving. 

In some ways, learning to drive in automatic cars is easier. In fact, you might have to take fewer automatic driving lessons and be ready to get your license quicker. Nevertheless, you will be qualified to drive an automatic car only when you have passed the driving test. Even if you have passed the test in a manual car, the license you have earned will allow you to drive manual as well as automatic cars. However, automatic-only license holders will face difficulty since the options to buy or rent a car are limited. 

Learn Automatic Driving Lessons From the Best Driving School In Wolverhampton, Birmingham

The ideal route to gain independence is taking automatic lessons at the ideal driving school in Wolverhampton, Birmingham and start driving in an automatic car. Many learner drivers in Wolverhampton, Birmingham are learning automatic lessons to take to the roads in automatic cars because these are relatively simple. Automatic driving lessons are great for the nervous candidates in Wolverhampton, Birmingham. There are fewer things to be focused on. 

Automatic driving lessons are the go-to choices for those driving aspirants of Wolverhampton, Birmingham who are not fast with managing the gear changes and using clutch pedals. Taking automatic lessons helps remove barriers to getting out and learning to drive, particularly when paired with the award-winning instructors from  Now Pass Driving School. 
You can arrange your automatic lessons by getting in touch with our customer service team. 

Why To Take Automatic Driving Lessons With Now Pass Driving School?

At Now Pass Driving School, we have qualified driving instructors who are recognized throughout the nation for their quality training and learner satisfaction. Having years of experience imparting automatic lessons in Wolverhampton, and Birmingham under their belts, be assured of being in safe hands while hitting the roads. Learning automatic lessons at a registered driving school in Wolverhampton, Birmingham means a list of benefits is on the table:

  • You learn to drive the market-leading fleet vehicles
  • Experienced driving instructors are teaching automatic lessons to your benefit
  • You have the freedom of choosing automatic lesson times as per your schedule  
  • Theory training backed up by 1:1 support from driving instructors is at your advantage
  • Take automatic lessons from male and female driving instructors. 

Is Learning To Drive In An Automatic Vehicle Easier?

Learning to drive in an automatic car simplifies the early learning stages for driving since there is no need for developing clutch control and know the time for changing gears. Something that should be noted is once you have mastered clutch control and gear changing, the learning journey for both manual and automatic drivers becomes remarkably similar. However, the key difference is the manual car driver learner can drive both manual and automatic cars, once they have passed and got hold of the license. 

There are many drivers with reduced mobility or any impairing conditions preventing them from changing gears with ease, who benefit from automatic lessons. Even nervous drivers are at an advantage since they get additional reassurance when they have learned to drive an automatic car. 

How Long Does It Take To Pass Automatic Driving Test?

Now it varies by person. However, the good idea is to do the best and make an estimate of the number of lessons needed. Calculate this from your financial perspective.

Try to overestimate and save the remaining funds. Refrain from assuming to be a fast learner and then meet a compromising situation. On average, first-time drivers will need 45 hours of professional automatic driving lessons along with private practice time. Take our words, and consider this as a virtue.

The count could be either higher or lower, based on how much knowledge is being put into your first lesson with how much you are practising on your own. Keep in mind, that finding a driving instructor with an automatic vehicle is typically more tough to find. It means scheduling lessons becomes harder which adds to the entire process becoming somewhat longer than you have anticipated. 

For Information on our Intensive Courses and Automatic Driving Lessons, please contact