How You Can Ace Your Driving Instructor Test?
How You Can Ace Your Driving Instructor Test?

How You Can Ace Your Driving Instructor Test?

14 May, 2024

It is not so easy to become a driving instructor. To become a driving instructor, you have to pass the very challenging driving instructor test. This test aims to test out varied aspects of one’s driving skills. The instructor must demonstrate varied core skills in the test to become a driving instructor. It includes road safety knowledge, on-road driving skills, and the ability to impart knowledge about driving skills to newbie drivers, among others.


The Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) test conducted by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) is carefully designed to check practical driving skills as well as theoretical knowledge. A candidate is required to pass both the practical and theoretical aspects of the test to pass the driving test. Here’s a little tip before the test that you can follow to become a driving instructor in Birmingham:

Staying Calm:

The DVSA ADI driving instructor test can be quite in-depth and comprehensive. Thus, it is quite common for one to feel reeling with anxiety and double-think their ability. To ace your practical or theoretical driving test, it is quite important to stay calm on the d-day to keep performing well on your test. It will help you ace your test and become a certified driving instructor in Birmingham.

Project the Right Attitude:

When you are appearing for a driving instructor test, it is quite important to project the right attitude when appearing for the test. The examiner will keep a close eye on your attitude when appearing for the practical test. Thus, when taking the driving instructor practical test, try to appear calm and attentive, and actively listen to what the examiner is asking you to do. Do not try to appear overconfident, aggressive, or too tough. That can put out a bad impression.

Practice Hard:

Before appearing for any driving test, it is important to practice as hard as possible. From a driving instructor training school in Birmingham, prepare for the driving test well. Be it for the theoretical or practical part of the test. Practising well will instill confidence in you and help you approach the exam with more positivity.

Mock Test:

Since taking the driving instructor test in Birmingham or anywhere in the United Kingdom can be expensive, you want to ace the exam with as few attempts as possible. It can only happen when you have not just prepared well but have appeared for mock tests as well. Attending a mock test at a driving instructor training school in Birmingham will help you understand the exam better. You can gauge an in-depth understanding of the exam atmosphere. This will help you pass the exam in fewer attempts.


These are some of the tips that you can follow before approaching your DVSA driving instructor exam in Birmingham. The right preparation can help you ace the exam without exhausting too many chances or resources. Thus, you can quickly fulfil your dream of becoming a driving instructor.

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