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Intensive Driving Lessons In Birmingham

If you could not ace your driving test the first time or think you are not fully prepared to take a driving test then it is time to take some intensive courses! Now Pass Driving School’s intensive driving course in Birmingham is especially for those who want to retake their driving exam. Our expert driving instructors will help you hone your driving skills. As part of our intensive driving course in Birmingham, our instructors will answer all your driving pain points. The intensive driving course will help you ace your driving test in a matter of days ahead of the test. Check out our intensive driving in Birmingham course prices below –

Prices include the practical test fee!! All course
Course Hours Rate
3 Day Retest Course (recommended Test-ready but need a few hours to boost your confidence) 6Hours £352
4 Day Course 9 Hours £433
5 Day Course 14 Hours £578
6 Day Course 19 Hours £723
7 Day Course 24 Hours £868
8 Day Course 29 Hours £984
9 Day Course 34 Hours £1124
10 Day Course (Best for new learners) 39 Hours £1264
our course prices include the practical test fee!!
**FYI** _ IF You haven't succeeded to pass your test still, then Now pass driving school will help you in that!! Don't worry about the price it will be just £ 32 included in our course.
For booking, or to know about the latest discounts call us on 07592080769

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Looking to book your Driving lessons?
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