Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Now pass driving school is the number one priority. Our moto is to help our students to learn to drive as quickly as possible

Now Pass Driving school allow each student to take practical driving test after the completion of your desired course.

1. Practical Driving Tests

If the driving instructor determines that your driving doesn not meet the necessary standard , to take a practical driving test on the ground that it would be a risk to the health and safety pedestrians and other motorist or there is a risk of damage to the driving instructors property and livelihood .

2. Driving Courses

  • The Courses available through Now Pass Driving school take place in Birmingham only.
  • Pupils can do  the booking of their Course through the Now Pass Driving school website or over the phone.

3. Payment

Payments made directly to your instructor are solely between you and your instructor , ensure that you have a recipt from your instructor from payment. The contract for driving tution is solely between you and your driving instructor.

  •  Your Now pass driving instructor is a self employed franchise.
  • Driving Test must not be booked prior to commencements of lessons and must be agreed with your instructor to avoid double bookings, holidays , etc.
  • Driving instructors reserve the right to withdraw their cars from test without notice should the instructor deem the pupil not to be upto test standard .
  • The pupil has a period of 3 months to complete the course from the date that the pupil has selected on the booking form to begin the course , should be not hear from the pupil for a period of 3 months ( e,g., if you have lost interest in completing the course ) then any remaining deposit forfeited and test fees lost.

4.  Cancelllation or Rearrangement of Lessons and/or Tests

Each Driving Instructor has their own policy regarding cancellation or rearrangement of the Lessons. It is your responsibility to ask your Driving Instructor what their policy is and to comply with their policy.

Looking to book your Driving lessons?
Looking to book your Driving lessons?
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