Trainee Driving Instructor (PDI) Licences
Trainee Driving Instructor (PDI) Licences

Trainee Driving Instructor (PDI) Licences

Ready To Get Your Trainee Driving Instructor (PDI) License

Are you interested in becoming a Trainee Driving Instructor with a Potential Driving Instructor (PDI) license? There’s an easy way for you to sit on the co-passenger seat and teach real students ahead of gaining your ADI license. Here’s what you can do:

Congratulations! On acing the two-part driving instructor training. Now, you have either of the two options: applicants can either take the third part of the Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) test or apply for a PDI licence, which requires an additional 20 hours of instruction.

Applying for the PDI licence, commonly known as the “pink badge” or “pink triangle,” allows you to practise teaching approaches and train real students. Consider it a driving instructor’s version of the learner’s licence. Holding this licence will let you clock all the essential hours of in-car practice before taking the final part of the ADI exam.

How Applying For PDI Can Help You In Your ADI Test?

By applying for the PDI trainee driving instructor license, you can reap maximum benefits for the ADI driving instructor license test in the following manner:

Practice teaching methods, skills, and theories in training as you teach real students.

  • You will get in-car training experience as you impart knowledge to the student. It will help you to improve your behavioural practices, which is crucial from the perspective of the third phase of the ADI test.
  • You can earn money on the side by holding a PDI trainee driving instructor license and helping fund the next stage of the exam.
  • You will receive 20 hours of training as a PDI trainee driving teacher, overseen by an ADI-licensed, experienced, and professional instructor.
  • This training can significantly help you prepare for the third phase of the ADI licensing test. Thus, we can help you pass the exam with flying colours in a single attempt and start your career as a full-fledged driving instructor in Birmingham.

How Now Pass Driving School Can Support You?

Now Pass Driving School, along with our ADI licensed driving instructors, is here to assist you while you complete the PDI in-car practice with genuine students. Being one of Birmingham’s leading driving schools, we can help you get started as a driving instructor. We have assisted numerous PDI driving instructors in launching their careers, and once they have completed the third part of the ADI test. Upon gaining the ADI license, you can join us as a full-time driving instructor position at our school and continue mentoring students and also other PDI instructors.

So, are you ready to launch your career as a PDI instructor with us? Join now.

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    Trainee Driving Instructor (PDI) Licences

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