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    PDI Franchise

    PDI Franchise

    Ready To Start Your PDI Franchise In Birmingham?

    Start your PDI franchise with us here in Birmingham. Start your entrepreneurial journey with our PDI Franchise with the help of our proven PDI Franchise model. With the help of our franchise model, you don’t have to start from scratch. Leverage our brand power to boost your entrepreneurial journey.

    Within the ambit of our PDI Franchise, you can enjoy access to:

    • Dedicated assistance from our training teams.
    • Expert advice on how to launch your business and increase earnings.
    • Using our journal and pupil management system to find a more flexible method of operating business.

    Who Can Apply For Our PDI Franchise?

    To start your own PDI Franchise with us, you must have completed the first and second parts of the ADI licensing test. You must also hold a valid UK driver’s license and be over the age of 21. Furthermore, you must have the financial resources to invest in the equipment, personnel, and training necessary to run the PDI Franchise.

    Why Partner With Us On The PDI Franchise Program?

    • A Potential Driving Instructor (PDI), as per the rules of DVSA, cannot advertise their service under their own name. But they can through their sponsorship school. By partnering with us on the PDI Franchise programme, you can use our name and leverage our reputation to set up your own instruction practise in Birmingham. It will help you attract newbie drivers who are interested in driving and get real business.
    • You have not just benefited from our name but also from our infrastructure. You can get access to our training vehicle to conduct your driving class. Thus, you can offer students the best-in-class training vehicle for coaching.
    • As the DVSA mandates, a PDI must complete an additional 20 hours of training. Understanding this, Now Pass Driving School offers free extra training workshops. This will help with the final step, part three of the DVSA ADI licensing test.
    • Access to our diary and huge clientele. With the PDI Franchise, you can have direct access to it all. You can get pre-booked classes with real students. Thus, it reduces your efforts on admin, inquiries, and even the headache of dealing with cancellations. As a result, you can completely channel your efforts to learn and perfect your instructor’s skills and build a venture of your own.
    • You can even move directly to our ADI Franchise model once you have cleared part three of the DVSA ADI licensing test.

    Connect with us now to learn more about our PDI Franchise model. Contact now.


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