How Can You Become A Driving Instructor In Birmingham
How Can You Become A Driving Instructor In Birmingham

How Can You Become A Driving Instructor In Birmingham

11 Jul, 2023

Do you think about ways to increase your source of income? In today’s time, one mustn’t depend on one job. Having one 9-5 day job is great! But along with that, it is necessary to have an alternative source of income. It will help you feel more independent and help you with your finances in this economy. Multiple sources of income are a great way to expedite your wealth as well. One of the easiest way flexible jobs you can take up to increase your monthly income is by becoming a driving instructor. Budding driving instructors can earn a good penny even if they invest 2 hours of their daily life. While the job is perhaps lucrative the path of becoming a driving instructor in Birmingham is not straightforward and easy. Thus, we are breaking down the steps of becoming a driving instructor in Birmingham.

Before You Apply To Apply For AN ADI Test:

If you have plans of becoming an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) in Birmingham there are some conditions that you must satisfy. Ahead of taking the three-part ADI test, you have to obtain a Disclosure & Barring Services (DBS) from the Driver & Vehicle Standard Agency (DVSA) approved contractor and Capita Recruitment Vetting Service (CRVS). After this step is complete, the next step to become an ADI-approved driving instructor in Birmingham is to satisfy some other parameters such as the aspirant must have held a full licence for at least 3 years. The person who is applying for the ADI test should also have good vision, meaning they should be able to read a vehicle number plate from a minimum distance of 27.5 metres or 90 feet. He or she should not have been disqualified from the driving test in the past four years. They should have also passed the DVSA three-part driving instructor test.

The 3-Part ADI Test:

The First Test:

The first test in the ADI test is theoretical. The theoretical test to become an ADI-approved driving instructor in Birmingham can be broken into 2 parts. The first part of the test consists of an MCQ-based examination. It has 100 questions, which can be divided into 4 groups. A person must pass each section with a minimum of 80% accuracy. Overall, a person has to pass the exam with 85% pass marks. You are given one and a half hours to complete this part of the exam. After this, you are given additional 20 minutes to complete a hazard perception examination. In this hazard perception exam, they will play you 14 video clips and you have to identify the hazards. One must score 57/75 to ace this part of the examination.

The Second Test:

The second part of the ADI-approved exam is an eyesight test, it is directly conducted by the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency Supervising Examiners. It ideally lasts for about an hour. In this part of the test, the aspirant driving instructor in Birmingham needs to demonstrate their skills to drive and the ability to manoeuvre the car safely and under total control. To pass this phase of the exam you have to ensure you are NOT committing any more than six minor and one major fault. You can take this part of the ADI exam up to 3 times.

The Third Test:

The last phase of the exam tests your teaching ability. Since as a driving instructor, you will be teaching budding drivers to drive safely, the authorities will test whether you are well-prepared to conduct a driving test. The driving instructor will sit beside you for an hour-long session. Here you need to deliver a normal driving lesson as if you’re teaching a regular student. The examiner will mark you on the following metrics such as lesson planning, risk management and training and teaching methodology. One can attempt this part of the exam 3 times only to become a driving instructor in Birmingham.


Once you have completed these steps, you can become an ADI-approved driving instructor. Upon getting the license, you can practise as a driving instructor in Birmingham. You can take up jobs in driving schools or can offer individual services or you can even start your driving school in future. This is an easy way to earn a few more pennies and create an alternate source of income.

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