What’s A Blind Spot & How To Tackle Them When Driving?
What’s A Blind Spot & How To Tackle Them When Driving?

What’s A Blind Spot & How To Tackle Them When Driving?

31 Oct, 2023

Driving is not an easy process as it may seem. You have to be mindful of a lot many factors to drive a car safely and smoothly on the road. But there are certain aspects that you may not think about when it comes to driving a car. This includes “blind spots”. When starting to drive a car you may not be aware of these factors. But once you start driving, these factors become quite apparent. This is why, learning how to drive a car from driving instructors in Sutton Coldfield or anywhere else you live, is very important. They help you to tackle these tricky bits of driving well and also impart other important knowledge that can help you become a more accomplished driver. Here, we will discuss all you need to know about blind spots and how to tackle them as per driving instructors in Sutton Coldfield.

What’s A Blind Spot In Driving?

Your side mirrors and rearview mirror give you a good view around the car when driving however, there are areas that they don’t cover and these are referred to as your blind spots.Driving instructors in Sutton Coldfield help you to understand these tricky aspects of driving and help you to perfect your skills.

Ahead of starting a journey always check that you can look behind you and also sides of the car is perfectly visible through mirrors. And if not adjust accordingly. Looking over your shoulder to ensure that no other cars are too near to perform a risky manoeuvre, like as changing lanes, is the best way to view the regions not covered by your blind spots. When you have driven behind larger vehicles, such as lorries, you have probably seen a message on the back left of the vehicle that reads – ‘blind spot, take care’ – or similar. This is because a larger vehicle’s blind areas are larger than those of a car.

You’ve undoubtedly seen a warning on the rear left of a larger vehicle, such as a lorry, that says something like ‘blind spot, take care’ or something similar. This is because the blind zones of heavier vehicles are greater than those of cars.

Some Common Blind Spots:

Behind You, Diagonally:

Your rearview and side mirrors assist you in seeing vehicles further behind you, but when they are near to you, such as next to you in a lane, they are concealed from view.

In Front Of You, Diagonally:

Your visibility is obstructed by the structure of your vehicle, such as the A-pillars on each side of your windscreen.

A driving instructor is well-versed in these challenges, helps you understand them and recommends ways to tackle them easily.

Times You Should Check For Blind Spots In Driving:

When you are driving, it is important to check for blind spots. These are some blind spots that the driving instructor in Sutton Coldfield asks you to check for:

  • – Before starting the car when parked in a stationary position.

  • -Ahead of changing the lanes

  • -Before taking turns on the road

  • -Overtaking another car

  • -At a crossroad

Understanding blind spots is a key part of driving. When you have understood and learned about blind spots, you will be able to drive better and with more confidence. A driving instructor, here in Sutton Coldfield or anywhere else, will be able to better teach you how to tackle blind spots on the road and practically.

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