Is It Easy To Drive An Automatic Car?
Is It Easy To Drive An Automatic Car?

Is It Easy To Drive An Automatic Car?

08 Sep, 2023

You may have heard that driving an automated car is considerably easier than driving a manual one. What exactly do they mean? People often refer to an automatic car as one that has an automated gearbox system. In a manual car, there are three pedals – accelerator, brake, and clutch – and the gear may be changed manually using the gearbox by pressing on the clutch. When it comes to automated cars, though, there is no such bother. There is no clutch pedal in an automated car since there is no need to shift gears manually. There are only two pedals: brake and acceleration. This may imply that learning an automatic car is easier than learning one with a manual gearbox system, but it does not entirely imply that learning an automated car is simple. You may still want the assistance of a driving instructor for automatic car lessons in Birmingham  to learn it properly. This is why:

Less Complicated:

When it comes to learning an automatic car, the first thing you will notice is how less complicated it is. The addition of clutch and manual gear changes complicates the process for learners. In a few classes with a driving instructor in Birmingham on automatic car lessons, you can quickly pick up the skills. Since there are only a couple of pedals and positions that you need to learn. Thus, the skill of driving is quite easy to pick up in automatic transmission cars.

Easy For Beginners:

When it comes to beginners, the automatic transmission car is much easier to learn in comparison to the manual transmission car. Since there are only four positions that are normally given in an automatic transmission car Parking (P), Reverse (R), Neutral (N), and Drive (D). It is a much more beginner-friendly vehicle to drive. The lucid understanding makes it easy to grasp. Only a few automatic lessons from a driving school in Birmingham can get you ready to drive the four-wheeler.

Can Focus On Other Aspects:

Although driving an automatic car is easier to drive, it is never easy to drive on the road. Along with driving the car itself, there are other parts of driving one must focus on. Such as checking the mirror, parking the vehicle or driving on-road. The less complicated automatic car will allow the driver to focus on the other aspects. You can even get automatic lessons from a driving training institute in Birmingham to master your skills.

Helps To Gain Confidence:

As we have mentioned, you can focus on other parts of driving in an automatic transmission car. Since the mechanics of the car are fairly lucid, you are less likely to be confused on-road. On-road confusion can dip your level of confidence down. The less complicated and easy mechanics will allow you to focus on the road and your driving skills.


These are some of the reasons why it is believed, it is believed driving an automatic car is easier compared to a manual transmission car. Thus, even with a few classes at any driving institute in Birmingham, you can learn how to drive an automatic car.

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