Why Do People In Sutton, Birmingham Fail The Driving Test?
Why Do People In Sutton, Birmingham Fail The Driving Test?

Why Do People In Sutton, Birmingham Fail The Driving Test?

10 Aug, 2023

Driving tests can be nerve-wracking for many people. It is because of the pressure people feel. The exam is one of the best practical skill tests they face, and students dream of passing it. All this pressure can play on the nerves and the presence of an invigilator can be scary. It all can make people commit small mistakes which impact their driving. All of this can result in a “fail” mark on their assessment sheet. These mistakes can be avoided if a driving instructor in Sutton, Birmingham can help you identify and learn how to avoid these common mistakes. This can stop you from passing the driving exam. Let’s look now at:

Making Observations:

When taking the driving test, it is imperative to observe everything. It is important to pay attention to traffic signs, mirrors, and indicators when turning. All these small details count in the driver’s exam. Not making these observations during driving tests can result in credit deductions. This is a reason why driving instructors in Sutton, Birmingham emphasize small observations.

Inability To Judge The Speed Of An Approaching Vehicle:

Driving is not only about controlling your car perfectly. While driving on the road you have to take many other things into account. One of the things to remember is other vehicles’ speed. Driving instructors take these factors into account when giving driving lessons. Thus, when driving in an actual test, it is not just imperative to keep your vehicle’s speed in check. It is also to ensure you are not affecting other vehicles’ speed.

Maintaining Traffic Guidelines:

When taking a driving test, it is mandatory to follow traffic regulations. Violation of any traffic rule can lower your grade. Driving instructors and driving schools in Sutton, Birmingham through their theory classes try to impart complete traffic rules knowledge to their students. This knowledge helps students avoid these mistakes in their driving tests.

Straight Ahead At A Crossroads:

As you approach a crossroads, it is challenging to recognize that you are approaching a junction. Without observing either side of the crossroads, you emerge from the intersection and cross it. This is another mistake committed during driving tests. It can result in a deduction of credits which impacts your results.

Not Looking Left When Going Left On Many Occasions:

When you turn left from a small road onto a bigger road without making meaningful observations to the left throughout the test. It can imply you’re unaware of any parked cars, obstacles, or other potential risks. This is the major reason why many new drivers fail to pass their first driving test.


These are some of the common mistakes that are committed by people when taking the driving test. These mistakes can be the difference between you passing and failing the driving test. A competent driving instructor in Sutton, Birmingham will warn you prior about all these before you take the test. It will help you to ace the test on D-day.

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